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Five reasons
to choose a Powercore desk






No other desk makes going from sitting to standing easier with our 'one touch' transition. All the science says the benefits from stand sit desks only come with regular use; four to five changes a day is the optimal number and our "one touch" change to a pre-programmed height setting makes it easy.


Our in-built cable management system means no loose hanging cables and only one power cable to the wall. It's free with every Powercore PLUS desks and a cheap add-on to a Powercore desk..


Our anti-collision feature on all desks means when an obstacle gets in the way - it's no problem. The desk will reverse and after a quick reset you'll be away again.


Our desks do not move. Height adjustable desks have to be stable at height and the 8mm steel in the legs provide that strength without needing cross-bars that obstruct your legs. They can also lift 140 kgs.

Our desks are more reliable. Timotion are a specialist Taiwanese linear actuator componentry (way better than Chinese) and every Powercore desk is built around this world beating technology. It makes our desks super reliable and means we can offer a five-year warranty without raising a sweat.

See our anti-collision function at work.

"These guys are always professional and prompt, getting our team set up with their new desks quickly. They offer great advice and they truly understand the value of a comfortable and healthy working environment."

Chloe Mudge, Optimal Workshop


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