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What if you could achieve your exercise objectives while you were at work ?

Imagine that those eight or nine hours a day weren't just physical downtime?

Our online fitness management app starts by asking you what level of activity is "appropriate" to your workplace. If your workplace is "low tolerance" we've got tailored exercise programs that will be completely unobtrusive. In fact, workmates won't even know you are doing them. Only you will.


If you describe your workplace as "high tolerance" we can really go to town.


Every workplace is different and every job is different but sitting down in front of a computer all day is dangerous to your health. It's not us saying it - it is countless medical studies saying it again and again. The question is whether you are listening. Your employer is probably starting to and that's a good thing.  


Our commitment to you is to provide you with the tools to get you active during those work hours.


Our work fitness management app will provide you with exercise ideas and programs that will stimulate you AND make you more productive. Contact us now to try it.

Top service and a great product. What more could you ask for?

Rob Mercer, Forsyth Barr


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