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Monitor arms

Why get a monitor arm? Doesn't every new screen comes with its own stand? Yes, but it might take up half the space on your desk and and you'll have to use a pile of unopened All Black biographies to get it to the right height to avoid neck and back pain. Choose a monitor with a VESA fitting and fit our monitor arm to it and check out the benefits.

Our monitor arms

All prices include GST.

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Why choose a Powercore monitor arm

Monitor arms 1

It suits any body

It's the only monitor arm that measures 510 mm to the middle of the screen at its top level. This means it can be adjusted for any body, tall or small.

Monitor arms 2

It's easy to set up

It'll take you 10 minutes to put together. Just five screws and then clamp it to the back of your desk.

Monitor arms 3

It looks cool

The matte grey and white design looks great on any desk. But on the grey Powercore desk with a white top it looks positively colour coordinated. If you want your workspace to look sharp - this is the monitor arm for you.

* We've got our products ready to go. I mean they are ready for same day dispatch if you order before midday. Of course, the courier needs a bit of time to get it to your doorstep...

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