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Choosing a stand sit desk

Rightly or wrongly we think there are some "red herrings" you need to be aware of when you are evaluating a stand sit desk. Be aware of what's important and what's not ?

We think that the most important thing in a desk is the stability at height. As sit stand desks get cheaper - manufacturers use less steel and the desks are less stable as a result. I think that a good guide is to actually check what the sit stand desk frame weighs. The lighter ones are around 20 kg and the more stable heavier standing desks will weigh in at 30-35kg. Simple rule: more steel, more stable.

The motor is second most important and without looking under the bonnet too much: you can tell a lot about an electric stand sit desk motor by listening to how quiet and smooth the operation is. They vary a lot - I promise. Its not just an indicator of how long they will last - it is also way nicer to have a product that is smooth and quiet.

Lastly, I think the tops are underrated. Have you seen those cheap kitchens with the PVC edging peeling off? Well they are made of exactly the same materials as a desktop. Good tops don't peel or scratch badly. We have demo stand sit desks that have been in use for at least 4 years so people can see what they look like. And it's heavy use in a warehouse with regular wear and tear.

Just as important is what not to worry about too much ?

I think that the lifting capacity of a sit stand desk is the least important stat. They ALL overstate it :-))) And it doesn't really matter anyway because you will NEVER have more than 40 kilos on your sit stand desk. I see people umming and ahhhing over buying a 140 kg lift capacity desk or a 160 kg desk. It's irrelevant - don't worry !

The warranty is also important to buyers as perhaps it should be ? But if you really DO think it's important -check the details of the warranty. It's really easy to offer a long warranty for nothing. Our warranty conditions are on our FAQ page . They are simple but hopefully clear.

Anyway that's our attempt to help you in the process of choosing the best stand sit desk for your needs. Now watch the video :-))


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