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Kneel or squat ?

Updated: Mar 19

We are constantly trying to move the discussion about "standing at work" to "moving at work."

It seems that every time standing desks hit the mainstream media the piece is about the harm you can do standing all day. And our response is - "of course"...The answer is NOT to go from sitting all day to standing all day - it is about creating movement in your workday. It is about changing position regularly.

When you think of a stand sit desk - you think about the two positions but how about squatting or kneeling ? They both have widely documented benefits. And PLEASE - we are NOT advocating kneeling or squatting ALL DAY EVERY DAY. We are saying "add it into your movement mix".

There is a New Zealand company called limber selling a stool that will help you to kneel at a desk. Our desks go down to 660 mm so you could use it with a Powercore desk (or probably also others).

Click here to go to the Fundamental strength web site. They have a whole lot of suggestions and the most important of these is "Just a few minutes a day can have lasting effects".....

This is crucial.

You can use a yoga mat on the floor or you could use a standing mat if you really wanted some decent knee padding. Give it a go ?


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