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Laptop ergonomics for $200

So a friend of mine challenged me to come up with an ergonomic set up for his laptop office. He said he had $200 to spend to improve his workplace - what did I think he should spend it on.

Firstly I have to say - he already had a stand sit desk of mine. Quite frankly, if you don't have a stand sit desk to start with - all the recommendations I could make would only be window dressing (appropriate for Christmas).

So this is what I recommended:

Wireless keyboard and Mouse - $56

The biggest problem with extended laptop use is the fact that keyboard, mouse and screen are all built into the laptop and that means you are always leaning over it. So you have to start with separating it out. And we'll start with a $56 Logitech combo from Mighty Ape. Really good keyboard and a mouse with a dongle that has a cool little in-built storage compartment.

Dual Gas Sprung monitor arms + Laptop Tray - $110

Dual monitor arms allow you multiple configurations. It allows you to use the laptop on the laptop stand as your only screen (together with the wireless keyboard).

But if you can spring to an external monitor then you can use dual screens with the laptop working alongside the external screen.

Look either way you need the single arm with the laptop stand to separate the keyboard from the laptop screen. The second arm (and external monitor) you may deem a luxury so we won't include it in the budget.

We sell great arms and laptop trays for a real good price.

Here's a video showing them in action. The laptop tray set up is near the end.

Balance Board - $45

So many people get a stand sit desk but only use it to stand behind. Duh.....the desk is only the beginning. If you get yourself a decent balance board and use it for 15 minutes a day - you'll be amazed at the results. Balance improves. You are using muscles constantly. Try it but get a decent one. Our friends at Fitnessgear4u have got a really good one that will last.

OK so that's $211 which is $11 over my budget so technically I failed. But hopefully you guys got some idea of prioritising when you are looking to make your laptop office a slightly more friendly place to be ?


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