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Saddle chairs vs Wobble stools

Updated: Feb 22

Well actually it's not a competition. They both have different applications and this article is designed to help you decide which (if any) will work for you ?

Let's start by deconstructing both to try and learn a bit about how they are best used.

Wobble stools

We think of a wobble chair ( or wobble stool) as an active aid. They allow a wide variety of movements which include twisting, turning, sideways movement and front/back dipping. All these movements allow you to activate your back and hips in a variety of ways.

The basic premise behind a wobble stool is that it provides a slightly unstable base and leaves your back and hip muscles to correct this regularly. It is the sum of all these small corrections that gives you the benefit. You will find that if you go to a gym threse days and work with a personal trainer they will often put you on an unstable surface (balance board or the like) to achieve the same result while exercising.

They also allow you to align your hips differently to achieve different types of stretches. If you sit with your knees apart and move you will achieve different types of stretches than if they are together.

Powercore wobble stools
Powercore wobble stools

Saddle chairs

A saddle chair is fundamentally different starting from the base which is the standard star base with casters. They allow people to move across the floor rather than tilting on the floor.

This suits people who are working in a situation where they are doing two handed work that they have to move around to complete tasks. You can't really achieve this with a wobble stool.

The saddle seat inevitably means that your legs will be positioned down the side of the seat and this often provides new ways to flex your hips and back muscles. Saddle chairs also come with back supports which would suggest that many users are using them for extended periods of time during their work day.

A saddle chair is often fitted with a range of adjustability mechanisms that mean they can be adjusted to suit a particular physique. This is probably more applicable to helping people with physical disabilities in the work place.

Saddle chair
Saddle chair

Both wobble stools and saddle chairs are height adjustable.


When shopping for saddle chairs or wobble stools expect quite a lrge difference in price. A saddle chair with full adjustability will probably set you back $500-$600 whereas you can pick up a wobble chair for $200-$250.

As with any type of ergonomic seating you pay for the adjustability mechanisms and you have to decide whether these are essential for you.

A wobble stool is designed mostly as an alternative seating option between standing and sitting on a standard chair. Often saddle chairs are the primary seating option so people are willing to pay extra for the adjustability option.


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