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Victorian gyms

Updated: Feb 14

For some reason looking at these pictures of victorian gyms make me think of three things:

1/ Gyms are not a new thing. They have been around for ages (in slightly different forms)

2/ Gym machines are about "creating resistance". Then you use your body against that resistance. Nothing has really changed in that ?

3/ The people in the images are dressed like they would be at the office. I still maintain that the biggest resistance to "active work" is the way we dress for work. More informal work dress codes would open a lot of doors for activity at work. But many workplaces are stuck with a formal dress code ?

These were the exercise pioneers. Paving the way for the gyms as we know them today ?

It also made me think that most people think that the gym is where you start your exercise and movement. This article from the guardian says the movement starts in your workplace and a standing desk or wobble stool or kneeling chair is the tool you use to create these movement habits.


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