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We make assembly easy...

We know what a pain it is to get a brand new piece of furniture delivered to you and then struggle with the assembly. It takes the gloss off what should be an exciting time.

So we've been going full out the make our desk assembly as easy as anything. We've got three levels of help available to you.

1/ You get brand new assembly instructions in the box. We have gone over every little detail to make sure it is clear and simple. Check it out here.

2/ We've got assembly videos for all our desks for the more visual type of person.

3/ Lastly, we are there to help. If all else fails we will be there to get you over any hurdles that may still block your way.

It's easy and shouldn't take even the most novice person more than 20 minutes. BUT a drill makes it WAAY easier. If you are thinking of doing this without an electric drill - you can still do it but it makes it a painful experience. (I know- I've done it).

So if you don't have a drill - beg, steal or borrow one for the 20 minutes you need to get this done.


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