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What are the best office chairs for working from home ?

Updated: Mar 8

You may be thinking - why would you need a different type of office chair for home use than for office use ? Well here's why:

  1. Less storage space You just don't have as much room at home as you do in an office. People are squeezing their desk into their bedrooms or living rooms. Not only are they struggling to fit their desks in - the chairs are easily tripped over if they aren't stored properly. So people are asking - "where do I store my home office chair when the house goes back to being used as a home ?"

  2. You may be sitting less Many people now have a stand sit desk at home. This has relevance because it means they are less likely to be sitting all day and therefore may need a different type of office chair. We'll look at this in more detail later in this post.

  3. Lower budget At the office your work is paying for the office desks and chairs. Often it is you that is paying and this matters because suddenly every $$$ counts and you are generally looking for more bang for your buck when it comes out of your tax paid income.

  4. Looks count When it comes to your office doubling as a living area you are going to be concerned about what your office chair looks like ? You may even want your home office chair to double as a spare chair in the house ? Most people don't have access to a dedicated home office area and they still want their living area to look like ....well a living area ??

So we are going to take all the above into account and we are going to look at some different options for a home office chair. Some of them may not be what you originally envisaged but we are here to challenge you ?

Bar stools

Bar stools as home office chairs
FATA bar stool

Ok so before you skip over this option hear me out. If you have a standing desk and you can adjust the height why not consider a bar stool.

The fact that you are using a standing desk means you aren't going to be standing all day or at least a proportion of your day will be spent standing ?

A bar stool with good back support is a great option. They are easy to store (under the desk) when not in use. They can be used at a breakfast bar or the like when the office is not in use and you have a wide range of looks you can choose from.

Our FATA bar stool is commercial grade so it is hard wearing but looks good. The seat base is bent ply and the frame is high grade steel. Ergonomically they are surprisingly good with the foot rest providing leg support and the curved seat remarkably comfortable.

The pricing is also way below what a fully adjustable office chair would set you back.

Folding meeting chair

A meeting chair is designed predominantly for training and meeting scenarios. Imagine a room that needs to be set up for different numbers of people in different configurations. You need comfortable chairs that are easily stored. We have the FINI chair designed for this purpose.

The FINI home office chair
FINI foldable office chairs

So now picture it as a home office chair. It folds away easily under a desk (see image above), it is easily used for multiple purposes and with different colour combinations it looks great in all types of settings. It is also fitted with casters which makes it easy to move around and store.

The seats come as plastic seats or with a fabric option. We think it is a great home office chair option.

Stackable chairs

Our final chair is one of a new range of extremely well designed ergonomic chairs that don't have adjustability but have a fantastic ergonomic design. The META chair (pictured below) has superb back support and a breathable mesh back. The contoured cushioned fabric seat base is incredibly comfortable and the chair is once again easily stored under a desk.

META home office chair
The META home office chair

It would not look out of place as an extra dining chair. Fitted with casters you can move it easily and store it easily.

Pricing is also a fraction of what an adjustable office chair would cost.


Think outside the box. Resist the temptation to just create a carbon copy office. Think about the difference demands on a home office chair from a fully adjustable office chair and save some $$$$ in the process.


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