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What office chairs allow active seating ?

Updated: Feb 14

Yeah so we get what active standing is ? You can move and exercise while standing at your desk ? But how do you stay active while sitting ?

Basically two types of office chairs allow ALOT of movement. A kneeling chair is a Scandinavian invention that spreads the weight of your body away from your back and distributes a proportion on to your knees. It also allows you to comfortably sit straight (without straining).

Our kneeling chair is constructed by birch bent ply which also allows a gentle rocking movement that activates your back and hip muscles. Finally, when you are seated on a kneeling chair you have a slightly open hip position that stretches the hip joint slightly.

Secondly a wobble stool (or saddle chair) is a stool that has adjustable height settings and gives you a slightly unstable seat. Your back and hip muscles will compensate for the instability - meaning you are activating these muscles slightly all day. Anyone who has even used a swiss ball knows how this works.

We believe these active chairs are the perfect partner to a standing desk. You can't stand all day so when you aren't standing use an active chair - either a kneeling chair or a wobble stool. We have a number of customers who use both. They take up very little space and are easily stored under your stand sit desk when they aren't in use.


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