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This is NOT just your standard power strip. This adds the following into the mix:


1/ It is mountable under your desk. You either screw in into the underside of your desk or into a cable tray. Mounted properly for ever.

2/ It has Ethernet in-built (Cat6). I mean you find another power bank that has Ethernet connections inbuilt ?

3/ It slots seamlessly into our FlexiKabel - Danish designed cabling system which allows you to daisy chain numbers of desks with beautifully tidy immaculate cabling. Check out the video and you'll see how it works.


4 x GPU power (AU/NZ socket), 2 x Ethernet cat6 sockets, 2 x USB sockets

1.8 m power cord with GST male connector

Includes extra 1.8 power cord with GST female connector to AU/NZ lig so you have 3.6 metres to your wall/floor socket.

Integrated power socket


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