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Another giant step forward in the seating revolution. Remember when there were NO options for sitting that protected and stimulated your back. So now you can stand and then sit in a way that will be great for your back.


The ergonomic kneeling chairs look great in blond ply (light brown textured fabric) and stores really easily under a height adjustable desk. You can use them with any desk but alternating between kneeling and standing is where the real benefits are found.


It's easy to assemble but our kneeling chair assembly tips video makes it even easier.

Kneeling chair

$295.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
  • You can do what you liike to these chairs. The great thing about their ply construction is they are incredibly robust.

  • Here's our blog post on whether you need a wobble stool or a kneeling chair ?

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