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This is the Powercore standing desk with a white 1200 x 700 mm top. Where else will you get an electric standing desk shipped to your door for under $550 including GST ? And you can assemble it in under 10 minutes.


We've discarded all the unnecessary features and brought the price down. Most people use laptops now and they weigh virtually nothing.  So we can do away with two motors and give you a single motor desk (still lifts 80kg) with all the functionality (but a little less grunt) than the Powercore Pro desks. You'll be driving a Nissan leaf instead of a BMW but it will still get you around town :-) (yes that is a metaphor: you can't drive a desk around town).


Height range is still great (690 mm to 1140 mm) and you still get preset memory (3 settings not 4). And you get a 5 year parts warranty. We offer a 1200 x 700 top (white only) because you don't need as much room with a laptop. BUT the standing desk frame is telescopic so for a bit extra you can fit a bigger top ?...

Powercore Desk

  • This standing desk comes with a 2 year warranty as standard and any purchaser has the right to claim a 100% refund in the event that they are dissatisfied for any reason with their purchase.

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