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Our new brushed aluminum Powercore RISE is the new generation of desk risers. 


No more HUGE bulky desk risers hogging all your desk space. The RISE is designed for laptop users who care about what their home office looks like and care about simple clean lines.


Two main uses in mind here:


1/ As a standing solution at a normal desk. Stick your laptop into the tray, put the RISE on a normal desk and spend part of your day standing NOT sitting.


2/ Get one for your standing desk so you can put your laptop on the tray and use a stand alobne keyboard. Separation of hand level from screen level is ESSENTIAL with extended laptop use.

Powercore RISE

  • Carries laptops up to 6 kg

    Compatible with laptops from 27 cm to 41 cm (screen size)

    Elevation from 3.5 cm to 30 cm (height)

    Elevated tray dimensions 27 cm (width) by 24 cm (depth)

    Integrated cooling provideed by raised rubber pads providing clearance and in-built tray vent.

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