What we do 

Active workspaces are places where activity and movement are encouraged.

The link between workplace productivity and active lifestyles is now indisputable. Powercore is committed to providing the tools and the info to create these active workspaces.


About Stuart

From the beginnings of a professional squash career, Stuart’s working life has always been focused on the fitness industry; he created the first product specifically aimed at the corporate sector for the largest gym chain in New Zealand.


Over the years, it became obvious to him that office workers have unique fitness challenges directly resulting from sitting in front of a screen all day. Numerous studies confirm that sedentary workplaces have had a massive impact on the health of office workers and that exercise after work doesn’t necessarily undo the harm done during the day. So he decided to investigate the concept of 'active workspaces'.


Five years later, he is busy helping businesses with the tools they need to help their staff get active. Everything from sit stand workstations to active seating and smart cable management. All in one place.

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Fantastic products that have already made a huge difference to our team's health and well being

Christine - Kooga Sportswear, Napier