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Take a look at our recent projects:

Colliers Valuation in Wellington have completely fitted out their office with Powercore desks.

Jeremy - MD, says: "We recently purchased new Powercore stand up desks and other office furniture and accessories for our Wellington offices from Stuart. Stu was a pleasure to deal with. He added value to our brief, communicated with us very effectively and met all our timelines. We are really pleased with the quality of the Powercore desks and other furniture and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others."

Kakapo have used ply tops to add value to their Powercore standing desks.

Here are some of our favourite projects:


Propellerhead Software

Propellerhead software are a pretty inspirational bunch of software developers working out of Auckland. They were becoming increasingly aware of the health and safety implications of having staff seated all day but were reluctant to put new desks in that would spoil the unique designer feel of their offices.


We designed a solution for them that utilised their existing tops fitted to Powercore standing desk frames. The Powercore frames give the staff all the flexibility and movement that come from using height adjustable desks.


They have just completed a six month graduated fitout that allows all of their 90 programmer staff the option of either sitting or standing at work. And they've fitted virtually all their Powercore desks themselves, Michelle their receptionist found it only took 15 minutes to install their first stand sit desk!

Evie from Propeller says: We've been super impressed with the quality of the desks and Stuart has made it very easy throughout every stage of the process


Optimal Workshops

Optimal Workshops are another one of our 'software as a service' clients. They recently converted the iconic Paramount theatre in Courtenay Place into a fantastic two story office.


As they have grown we've grown with them. Over the past two years they have steadily added staff and we coordinate their need for new stand sit desks with them as they go.


These guys go to every length to show their staff that they value them and part of that is providing an active workspace.


Chloe Mudge their Happiness Engineer has the following to say about us:

"These guys are always professional and prompt, getting our team set up with their new desks quickly. They offer great advice and they truly understand the value of a comfortable and healthy working environment."



Antipodes scientific validated organic beauty products are an amazing Wellington based company leading the way in organic skincare products that are scientifically formulated.


If you haven't seen their new office building in Vivian St the old Bar Bodega, you really need to get yourself down there and have a peek. Fitted in an amazing middle eastern style with hardwood finishing this office will occupy the architectural design mags for many years to come.


A feature of a job offer at Antipodes is a Powercore PLUS electric height adjustable standing desk. 


Cafe Laffare

Caffe L'affare are nothing short of a Wellington institution. Whether you know them from their cafe in College St or the L'affare coffee adorning the supermarket shelves - these guys know coffee and were pioneers in introducing New Zealanders to a quality coffee experience.


When they renovated their offices adjoining the L'affare cafe - they installed Powercore stand sit desks with a twist.


Their offices are themed in dark colours that fit with their coffee roots. We designed custom black tops and underhanging drawers for their Powercore desks and also fitted different size desk to make the best use of their limited space. Their Wellington office staff now have a range of height adjustable work stations to work with.


Joyous HQ

Joyous HQ are literally in the business of 'workplace happiness'. Their revolutionary online software service provides regular feedback to management on employee happiness levels so we were thrilled when they asking for our help to make their workplace a happier place.


Situated right bang in the middle of Auckland CBD we them with Powercore standing desks and Active chairs, and they really seem to be enjoying them.


Dominik from Joyous HQ says: "Here at Joyous, we're always looking for ways to improve the office environment in terms of ergonomics. Powered standing desks were not on our radar due to their reputation of being heavy, bulky and expensive. However, the Powercore Plus desks with their sturdy-yet lightweight construction and their reasonable price tag were a fantastic surprise for us. We have now equipped every single team member with  Powercore Plus desks and everyone is loving them. A great product that’s versatile and quick to adjust. It truly makes work better."

standing desk

UI Revolution

UI Revolution are yet another mould breaking software company we have outfitted with Powercore desks to make them more comfortable while they crank out the code. Their recent move from Ponsonby Rd to Kingsland gave them the chance to revamp their workspace and to get their staff up and out of their chairs all day.

They decided on ply tops to go with their Powercore Plus electric stand sit frames which fitted in perfectly to their high ceiling attic space on New North Rd.

We provided them with monitor arms and they became the first major installation for our Powercore Sound Management System.

The sound management partitions fit on the back of Powercore desks and both dampen sound and create more private work areas. They can be put up or taken down in seconds and cater to individual needs or project based requirements.

Trimble office

Trimble Navigation

We love Trimble because they are the magicians who made Sketchup - the software we use to help people do office layouts and designs.


OK so they bought it off Google but they are still cool.


Their small funky office on Victoria Street, Wellington is punctuated with Powercore standing desks.


They give us advanced notice of new features in Sketchup (not really) and they are avid users of the balance boards which they use to simulate their skating moves.

The head office is in Christchurch but we bet their staff would rather work out of this office.


Totara Learning Systems

Totara Learning Systems is an e-learning software company, based in Wellington, who have a customer list that spreads to all corners of the world,


They are renowned for having created an Open Source model for their software that is profitable but essentially makes all their code available for free.

They recently moved into an amazing space on Willis St and chose Powercore 120 degree desks for their 80 odd staff,

They have used their 120 degree desks to negotiate the pillars throughout the space and create amazing organic POD's throughout their office.



Silverstripe are another one of those fast growing Wellington software companies that everybody knows is shaking their sector to the foundations. They do Content Management systems.


As they have grown we've put standing desks into every little space in their Wellington office.


They keep growing and they keep moving but we are there to help with the different stages of their growth.

We sit down with them regularly to plan and optimise the use of their available space. Our flexible systems mean we can put workstation POD's in place that reflect their workgroups as they grow and form.

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