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Standing Desks

All the science says the benefits from standing desks only come with regular use. All our electric standing desks have a 'one touch' transition functionality that makes the move from sitting to standing easy and simple. Take a look.

Our standing desks

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Why choose a Powercore sit stand desk?

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All the science says the benefits from stand sit desks only come with regular use; four to five changes a day is the optimal number and our 'one touch' change to a pre-programmed height setting makes it easy to really work your investment.

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Our cable management systems mean no loose hanging cables and only one power cable to the wall. You get the basics (Flex) with every desk and $49 buys you the higher end Listo system.

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Our anti-collision feature on all standing desks means when an obstacle gets in the way it's no problem. The standing desk will reverse and after a quick reset you'll be away again. 

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Our standing desks do not move. Height adjustable desks have to be stable at height and the 8mm steel in the legs provide that strength without needing cross-bars that obstruct your legs. Keep in mind that weight on a standing desk ADDS stability.

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Our standing desks are reliable. We've sold 4,500 Powercore standing desks across New Zealand over 6 years. We have had to replace components on 4 of them. It means we are comfortable about our 10 year parts warranty on the Powercore Pro standing desk and 5 yrs across our range.

Got more questions ? Read our standing desks FAQ Is it safe to stand all day at your standing desk ? The whole idea of a standing desk is to allow you the option to either sit or stand. It is the change from sitting to standing that will give you the benefit. So we recommend that you swap between sitting and standing at least 3 to 4 times day. And it is fair to say that perhaps ½ of your day should be spent standing. Are standing desks environmentally friendly ? Powercore standing desks are made of fully recyclable steel and their power use is very low. When they are not being used they go into sleep mode and use absolutely no power at all. The top is made from mdf with melamine surfaces. There is a minimal amount of chemicals in the production of melamine. Are standing desks actually good for your health ? If you use them then they are. If you purchase a standing desk and leave it in a sitting position all the time then they will have no impact at all on your health. Many people use their standing time to stretch and do exercises. Of course, they are the people who will really benefit from a standing desk. They also offer new options for sitting. Some people take it way down and squat at their desk instead of sitting. Be creative and it will help your health big time. Check out our blog post which goes into more detail on the health benefits. Can I lose weight by standing at my desk ? Standing burns more calories than sitting but it would be better to look at other opportunities for movement when standing. The more you stretch and move while standing the more calories you burn. Also the more you move during your work day - the more you will be feeling prepared to exercise after work. Activity breeds more activity. Use your standing desk as one of your many weight loss tools but don’t expect it to do it all on it’s own. Does a standing desk help with back pain ? A number of studies show that a standing desk reduces back pain. This may be because sitting all day is a major cause of back pain and any break from this will reduce the pain. Does standing at a desk strengthen your legs ? The sort answer is yes but there are many ways you can strengthen them further while standing. Calf raises strengthen the lower calf and achilles and squats with strengthen your quads. A hamstring stretch stretches the back of your leg and working standing with your legs apart will strengthen your groin. None of these exercises need to interrupt your workday at all and you will be amazed how little you have to do each day to make a big difference.

* We've got all our standing desks ready to go. I mean they are ready for same day dispatch if you order before midday. Of course, the courier needs a bit of time to get it to your doorstep...

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