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All the science says the benefits from stand sit desks only come with regular use. All our electric sit stand desks have a 'one touch' transition functionality that makes the move from sitting to standing easy and simple. Take a look.

Our standing desks

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Why choose a Powercore sit stand desk?

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All the science says the benefits from stand sit desks only come with regular use; four to five changes a day is the optimal number and our 'one touch' change to a pre-programmed height setting makes it easy.

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Our in-built cable management system means no loose hanging cables and only one power cable to the wall. It's free with every Powercore Plus Desks and a cheap add-on to a Powercore desk.

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Our anti-collision feature on all desks means when an obstacle gets in the way it's no problem. The desk will reverse and after a quick reset you'll be away again. 

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Our desks do not move. Height adjustable desks have to be stable at height and the 8mm steel in the legs provide that strength without needing cross-bars that obstruct your legs. They can also lift 140 kgs.

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Our desks are reliable. Timotion are a specialist Taiwanese linear actuator componentry and every Powercore desk is built around this world beating technology. It means we’ll offer a five-year warranty without raising a sweat.

* We've got all our stand sit desks ready to go. I mean they are ready for same day dispatch if you order before midday. Of course, the courier needs a bit of time to get it to your doorstep...

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