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We know that open plan offices can have their drawbacks - noisy, messy? Our partitions bring some order to the chaos. We can make your office environment a quieter, safer and happier place without a complete redesign, and a budget the size of a small country's GDP!

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Do it yourself - it's super easy

Nobody knows the exact sound solution to your specifc office area (home or workplace). You have to work yourself forward to a solution. The more surface you cover with sound absorbing material the less "bouncing" and sound "reverberation" you will get so we say take it in three stages:

Space 1

Find your space

Identify the large, hard walls in your office space. Make sure they're clean. Start with small areas and build up your Hexwalls. A square metre costs you around $150 so it's easy to build the area as you need it.

Space 2

Plan your space

Use partitions where possible between people, it will cut down the direct sound of talking or music AND the cumulative effect will help sound bounce. Once again start small. You can grab a 10 pack of partitions for only $400.

Space 3

Design your space

You can switch out the design of your hexwalls when you fancy a change. You can fit drop down partitions. It's all changeable and you can get people involved in the look and feel of their office space.

* We've got our products ready to go. I mean they are ready for same day dispatch if you order before midday. Of course, the courier needs a bit of time to get it to your doorstep...

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