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Sore back? Stiff shoulders? Staying active while you're sitting at your desk will help keep those aches and pains at a minimum, and our office chair options support you to move, stretch, rotate, bounce or wobble. Give it a go.

Our ergonomic office chairs

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Why choose a Powercore office chair?

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All office chairs are tested to BIFMA and AFRDI international standards. They have to pass a rigorous series of usability and durability tests to achieve this standard.

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Latest technology

All of our office chairs are "best in class" and incorporate the latest in advances in ergonomic research. No gimmicks just proven new technology.

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One of our mandatories when adding office chairs to our range is high quality, long lasting memory foam. And we often use high quality European fabrics for the seats.

Got more questions ? Read our ergonomic office chair FAQ What adjustments should an ergonomic office chair have ? 1. Back tilt 2. Seat height 3. Lumbar support 4. Seat slide adjustment 5. Arm adjustment How do you know if an office chair is good quality ? The problem with office chairs is that you don’t really know if it is good quality until it is a few years old. The parts of a chair that will wear out first are: 1/ Foam seats will sag if the foam is of poor quality. The factories have access to different quality foam but they all feel basically the same when they are new. 2/ Fabric may rip if it is low quality. The wear and tear of sitting and moving on the chair wears it thin and it may tear.In general, you can tell high quality fabric by it’s look and feel. 3/ Gas lifts wear out with use but it is very difficult to know whether you have got a high quality gas lift or not. You can however replace a gas lift is it wears out. One good guideline is to check if the chair has passed international standards. The AFRDI level 6 standard is an extremely robust standard and only good quality chairs will have it. The BIFMA X5.1 standard is an american standard that many prefer due to it testing chairs carrying a higher weight load. Do ergonomic chairs help your posture ? By adjusting your chair specifically to your needs you can sit comfortably with good posture without having to strain yourself to stay in position. People come in many different shapes and sizes and being able to adjust to your size is an enormous aid to good posture. How long should you remain sitting in an ergonomic chair ? The general guideline is 30 -40 minutes. After this period you should get up and move around. Do you need adjustability in an office chair ? There is a school of thought that say you don’t need the adjustability of a high end office chair. There are now many well designed ergonomic office chairs that provide good support and a comfortable sitting position without all the levers and adjustments. They are also ALOT cheaper.

* We've got our office chairs ready to go. I mean they are ready for same day dispatch if you order before midday. Of course, the courier needs a bit of time to get it to your doorstep...

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