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Get a living wall ?

We recently published our Open Office Survival Guide together with Gillian and Susan Sommerville who are well-known office environment experts.

They are huge advocates for innovative ways to have plants in a work environment. So we did a bit of research on it and came up with this guide to indoor plants in New Zealand that you can't kill.

Because let's be real - who is going to look after these plants in the office. Just like the staff - thev'e got to be tough ?? There is also a great NZ company that specialises in what they call "living walls". Check these out. They do internal and external and a look at their web site will show some pretty cool examples.

If that is a step too far for you we do a planter box mounted on an upright cabinet (see pic) for just over $700. You get storage and the planters in one go. The storage cabinets are a standard size normally so if you already have them just pop the planter on top for $110 each.


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