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No foot rests sorry...

Occasionally I get asked for stuff that we don't have. And if people ask enough, I have to go through the process of asking myself why we don't have what they want.

Let me explain why we don't do Foot rests ? Foot rests are SOOO 1980's :-))))

In the 1980's ergonomic furniture meant putting you in a little cocoon so you never had to move and you never had to risk any movement while you were stabbing away at your Windows 286 PC with 24 mbs of RAM.

You had foot rests and these little sleeves that supported your mouse arm and chairs that could fit to every one of your rapidly spreading folds.

Anyway....times have changed. The cocoon has gone. The thinking now is that it is good to move your body.

And this goes for those precious little ankles of yours as well. Stand, sit, twist, lift....

It's not going to help to have your ankles rested all day. It's just not. It's a rubbish product that will only do you harm. And we don't sell rubbish products :-)))

Clear ? :-)))


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