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Permanent Pain Cure

Some days I find myself showing stand sit desks and active work tools to a whole lot of people in my warehouse in Petone. They are all different but the message is pretty consistent....

It is - "Don't spring out $1000 on these tools if you don't accept that it may require some lifestyle changes to use them effectively" !!!

What sort of lifestyle changes ? - Well here it is; all wrapped up in a little 200 page booklet.

I don't want to go into all the details about what Ming Chew has put together in this little gold nugget. You can read - do it yourself ?;-)

Here are some of the basic concepts he espouses:

1/ You can get pain free and stay pain free with less than 15 minutes a day - VERY QUICKLY !!!

2/ You can do this stuff - ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE !!

3/ Strength and flexibility are one and the same thing.

4/ Don't believe the "no pain no gain" gym-bunny propaganda movement. Any one can do this stuff with a tiny little dab of application.

You can find this book anywhere ( Amazon for instance). It'll cost you about $9. Don't complain about the outlay at a time where a kilo of tomatoes costs the same (mid summer) - it's a bargain !!!


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