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There's are differences between commercial bar stools and home bar stools - but what are they ?

Updated: Apr 18

FATA commercial bar stool
FATA commercial bar stool

We sell only commercial bar stools for a reason. They often find themselves in a position where they get really heavy use and they are expected to stand the test of time.

We are going to go through some basic differences so you can check when you are thinking of buying bar stools.

  1. Structural integrity Have you ever sat on a cheaper bar stool and notice it wobble slightly. I guess it's noyt as critical for a chair but a bar stool is 60-70cm off the ground and a fall will hurt alot more. Commercial bar stools are structurally stronger. Regardless of whether they are made of wood or steel - they tend to be a slightly higher price point and that means they have stronger materials. Counter stools for the home are cheaper and there is a temptation to skimp on the structural integrity.

  2. Types of material Whilst it is something of a generalisation - your home counter stools will be made of light steel and aluminum whereas a commercial bar stool is likely to include steel or wood. Our FATA bar stools have a steel tube frame with bent ply seat and a strong but flexible PVC seat back.

  3. Commercial stools have seat backs and moulded seat bases Once again it is about cost but a commercial stool will be designed for people to use them for longer periods and will be more likely to have moulded seats and seat backs. A counter stool for home may well dispense with the seat back altogether and use a non-moulded seat base.

  4. Commercial stools cost more It is a fact that higher quality costs more and bar stools are no different. Expect tp pay 10-20% more for a commercially rated bar stool.


What is the standard height of a bar stool ?

They vary quite alot but a commercial bar stool will range between 65 cm and 70 cm (floor to seat). Our Fata bar stool is 68 cm to the top of the seat base..

Are there other important dimensions for a bar stool ?

What is the best material for a bar stool ?

Isn't a heavier commercial stool hard to move in and out ?


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