This won't work...

Ok so the idea that you can start using a standing desk and the weight will drop off you is simply not going to happen.

I know that the NZ Herald needs another "weight loss" article every other day but if you buy a standing desk believing this is going to happen - you are going to be disappointed.

A standing desk is a "gateway" to mobility at work. If you use it to get more mobile and active at work then you can conceivably lose weight and most importantly enjoy your time at work and use that time more productively.

But the desk won't do it on it's own. When you are standing you can stretch you can squat you can MOOOOOVE...

Also the movement going regularly from sitting to standing will help...

But I'll say it again - the desk won't do anything for you on it's own - you have to get moving ...

And I don't think the Herald is doing any of us any favours reducing the whole thing to weight loss either...

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