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What are VESA fittings ?

This is important. VESA is the standard that allows your monitor to be attached to a proper monitor arm. Its pretty simple - 4 holes on the back of the monitor - either 75 mm apart or 100 mm apart (both work).

What it means is you can elevate your monitor up to a level where you are NOT looking down at your screen.

Now some monitor manufacturers are deciding that they will ship a stand with their monitors and that this will substitute for a proper monitor arm. I'm here to tell you that is a BAD option. Your neck will thank you for a monitor that is at eye level and the VESA fitting combined with a monitor arm is the ONLY way to achieve that.

I would go so far as to say that if you are making a single investment in a work station that is going to reap ergonomic benefits for you - I would go with the monitor arm before the stand sit desk. It is the best single investment you can make in a workspace that fits your physical requirements.

If you already have a monitor without a VESA fitting you CAN get adaptors.

This is an explanation of the VESA standard and a list of compliant screens together information on how to source adaptors. Hope it helps :-)


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