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What is productivity ?

I'm going to share a short post with you based on my 5 years in helping design and produce ergonomic office environments.

The word "productivity" comes up a lot in discussions about workplace design and I've noticed that people fall into one of two categories regarding productivity.

1/ They know how to be productive and they know what they need to be productive.

These people don't spend too much time analysing it but they do create a productive work environment for themselves (at home and at work) and they also know what they need in their workday to be able to stay productive. They Instinctively take breaks. They know that lunchtime exercise sets them up for their afternoon.

These people buy quality because they know they need quality to work well. They also tend to produce quality. If you think this is taking the analogy too far - fair enough - but these people tend to be involved in products and services that are quality based rather than price based.

I'm happy to say there are a lot of people around like this.

2/ They are looking for others to enable their productivity.

I've chosen this description very carefully for the second group of people.

In general, they don't take responsibility for their own productivity. Their inability to work productively is always someone else's fault. They don't have an understanding for what they need to be productive. As a result, they are always looking for the latest trend or research.

I recognise these people by the fact that they are always looking for the cheapest deal. (just by the way - we definitely AREN'T the cheapest). They also tend to be involved in businesses/organisations that are creating price-based solutions not quality based.

I accept that there are quite a few generalisations in this post and there are inevitably exceptions to the rule - it's just a feeling I've picked up after 5 years in this business,


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