Are we making ourselves fragile ?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I've been reading a great book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb called Antifragile. It is essentially about economics or complex systems and he introduces the idea of "antifragility". The ability to withstand the shocks and jolts of normal life ( or a disordered system).

I can't help thinking that our daily sedentary work life habits are doing exactly that to us daily on a physical level. We become more fragile (or less antifragile).

Then when we do our hamstring playing football on the weekend or trip on the stairs or fall off the ladder - we run off to the physio and blame unsafe practices (or bad tackles).

But the fact is we have made ourselves physically fragile with our lifestyles. We have rendered ourselves incapable of handling the bumps and knocks of a normal disordered life.

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