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Kneeling chairs - what are they good for ?

Updated: Mar 26

We sell ALOT of kneeling chairs and we get feedback from people who buy them that may be of interest to people thinking of buying one.

1/ They take some time to get used to. Most people say you need to give it a couple of weeks of regular use before seeing the benefits and generally getting used to a new way of sitting.

2/ You shouldn't use it all day. It is a seating option that will take the weight off your back BUT it isn't really designed for all day use. Luckily you probably have a stand sit desk that let's you alternate sitting with standing ?:-)

3/ Move while you are sitting on your kneeling chair. They are designed to let you rock backwards and forwards and it is this movement that will really benefit you. It adjusts the load every time you move and activates that muscles that have been static.

4/ Try one first. We let people try before they buy because it's NOT for everyone. Book a time to come and try one here :-)

I think that around 80-90% of people who purchase a kneeling chair are doing so after the

Bent ply is the ideal material for the frame
Bent ply is the ideal material for the frame

fact. That is to say, they are dealing with some sort of chronic back pain and coming to a kneeling chair out of desperation. This distorts the information gathering a bit. The feedback from this group is definitely good but it leaves open the question of what the kneeling chair could achieve in a "preventative" role ?

The ergonomic furniture industry is definitely involved in helping people who are experiencing pain while working but we also like to think we can prevent pain from occurring in the first place.

Kneeling chair with high quality fabric
Kneeling chair with high quality fabric

We test basically all our products but it is often NOT from a position of pain.

An example of a product that we tested fully before stocking it was the balance board. Our conclusion was that 15-20 minutes on a balance board daily would REALLY improve your balance and the resilience of your knee and ankle ligaments. But the balance board costs $39 and a kneeling chair costs $255. People (quite reasonably) struggle with the idea of spending that sort of money on a chair that may improve their work life with 30 minutes of use a day. However, if it relieves their chronic back pain then money is no object.

Kneeling chair FAQ

What is the kneeling chair frame made of ?

The frame is made of bent ply. This has the dual advantage of having a great look and also being extremely flexible. It means you can rock slowly while using it and activate your back and hip muscles while doing it.

What type of fabric is the seat ?

Do you have different colours ?

What are the dimensions of the kneeling chair ?

What is your delivery time for kneeling chairs ?


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