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Kneeling chairs - what are they good for ?

We sell ALOT of kneeling chairs and we get feedback from people who buy them that may be of interest to people thinking of buying one.

1/ They take some time to get used to. Most people say you need to give it a couple of weeks of regular use before seeing the benefits and generally getting used to a new way of sitting.

2/ You shouldn't use it all day. It is a seating option that will take the weight off your back BUT it isn't really designed for all day use. Luckily you probably have a stand sit desk that let's you alternate sitting with standing ?:-)

3/ Move while you are sitting on your kneeling chair. They are designed to let you rock backwards and forwards and it is this movement that will really benefit you. It adjusts the load every time you move and activates that muscles that have been static.

4/ Try one first. We let people try before they buy because it's NOT for everyone. So if it doesn't work for you - get it back to us and the trial will be free :-)

Meanwhile check out our 1 minute video on Kneeling chairs here.

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