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It's up to you.....

Updated: Mar 19

So much talk in workplace health about employers responsibilities towards their staff. About developing a culture, about creating a safe work environment blah blah blah.....

This post isn't about your workplace it's about YOU. It's about taking personal responsibility for your own health and well being. Most people who take this step find that their workplace won't get in the way (in fact legally they can't).

This isn't about the "how" - it's about the change in attitude that prefaces the how.

Heres' our argument for why it's not your employers responsibility it's yours...

1/ The obvious reason is it's your body and your well being. This fact (jn itself) means you have to take responsibility for it because no one else will.

2/ Because it's not difficult. Because getting active at work is simply not the difficult thing you may imagine it to be. It's about small movements done regularly. If you are shy about it, you don't even have to be obviously moving, Check out one of our micromovement videos to see how easy it is.

3/ Because you don't need anything to get started. Look we sell the tools that will help you but you DON'T need any of them to get started. In fact, we prefer that people get started on the habit first. There is something wrong about a room full of stand sit desks that no one is standing at :-)

4/ Finally, while your workplace culture may not be wildly enthusiastic about this. See it as your opportunity to make a change ? One thing is for sure - no workplace is going to openly stop your movement.

We increasingly get customers who are buying a single stand sit desk (and other tools) that they have got permission from their employer to use at work. They pay for it themselves and we often install it on the floor of a whole bunch of standard workstations.

They have simply made the decision to take responsibility for their own well being.

If this is you (by the way) tell us your story and we'll give you $150 off a desk and some other tools to help you. You can also pay us over 6 months if you want ?

standing at your desk
Just get moving


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