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Movement that works !!

This is what we do when we have an idea for ways you can exercise and move in the office. We get some customers and we test it with them.

So some ideas just don't work. You can't do star jumps at your desk can you ??

But some really surprise us. Like when we experimented with dual Balance cushions when standing at a desk. Here's some feedback:

- It was easy to do regularly

- gives a great feeling of knee and ankle stability

- you can do heaps of ankle stretch exercises

- easy to store when you are sitting

- easy to do squats on

So anyway we tried it and loved it. As a result we created a 2 x balance disc offer for only $33. We make noting on these offers - we only do it to try and get people using their standing time more efficiently and effectively.

We're going to post a video soon showing some exercises you can try but in the meantime grab this offer

. Even if you only stand on it for 10 minutes a day - it'll be huge :-)


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