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Office Maps integrate with Zapier

Ok so we recently did a post on Office Mapping software and looked at various office mapping solutions - one of which stood out for us as far as price/feature mix was concerned. It was the Australian outfit OfficeMaps.

Let's roll things back a bit and explain why this software is important in Going-back-to-the-office Covid times.

So as people either sneak back or are forced back to the office - every office environment will need some sort of tracking software. Who is in the office and when ? At some stage someone is going to ask the question where was she at 12.30 pm ?

Our earlier post outlined a number of options but a major problem was connecting the office mapping part with the database that contains the staff information ?

I think OfficeMaps read our post because their announcement of a Zapier integration means you can now hook their software up to virtually any back end database AND for little companies you can just create a Google sheet, load the staff names and details and you end up with a really robust solution.

For those that don't know Zapier are the world leaders in integration software. They create so called "zaps" which allow for transferral of data between different software.

Anyway so we did it. We hooked up Office Maps to a Google sheet and it works :-))

So you heard it first from us. If you need any help - feel free to email me - I can show you how I did it :-)


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