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Powercore Active chair - a chair you can work....

So when we were designing our new office chair - the Powercore Active chair, we took a slightly different approach.

For years, high end office chairs have included every type of "support' you can imagine. It will support your back, it will support your arms, it will support your lazy butt. The objective has been to wrap you up in this little work cocoon so that no harm can possibly come to you. All cosy in your office chair - who would want to leave it to go home at night ?

Our Powercore Active chair comes from a different premise. Firstly, we are assuming that you are spending less time in your chair. I mean you've got a standing desk for a reason haven't you.

Secondly, we thought of all the things you could DO with your chair to help you get active.

We made a chair you can lean on, lean back, lift on, twist on. We made a tool to help you get active.

It's incredibly stable, it has hard wearing fabric on the seat and it is designed to be worked.

Our chairs arrive in August. At the same time we'll be releasing some short video clips showing you how to "work" your Powercore chair. And if you can wear it out in under 5 years (our warranty period) you can have a new one one us.

In fact we challenge you to do that.

Get an office chair you can work
Powercore Active chair only $390 excl GST


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