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Powercore v Powercore PLUS - what's the difference ?

As of end of November 2019 we have split the Powercore range of electric height adjustable desks into two products.

Our thinking was that a corporate office environment has different needs to a home office. So many of our electric height adjustable desks are sold for remote use in home offices where budgets are important.

So we tried to do a standing desk (Powercore) that is specifically aimed at home offices as opposed to the Powercore PLUS which is a corporate stand sit desk.

So let's get down to detail - here is the list of features:

Let's go through them one by one:

1. Cable management - we include a cable box and a power strip in the Powercore PLUS because it is a non-negotiable item in an office and perhaps a "nice to have" in a home office. You can still buy them separately at a later date so it is just giving people the option of not having it.

2. The speed of desk movement from top to bottom is not always that important. The lower spec Powercore stand sit desk has a slightly slower transfer speed.

3. Height range is slightly less on the Powercore because it is a two stage desk. This means the legs have two extendable stages as opposed to 3 on the Powercore PLUS. This is ONLY of importance (in my view) if you are over 6ft 5 tall and need to squeeze every bit of height out of your desk. It has NO impact on stability of the sit stand desk at it's top height.

4. Warranty - the extra price buys you an on-site warranty for the Powercore PLUS. This means we come out and fix it. The Powercore desk has a parts warranty meaning we will send you the parts required. They are very easily replaced so it has never caused a problem.

5. Discounts off accessories - we offer all Powercore PLUS buyers 20% off future accessory purchases. Often corporate users are looking to extend their use of the standing desks and this helps them do it.


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