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Soft wiring and electrical supply

Let's get nerdy for a bit ?

When does wiring under desks become PEW ( prescribed electrical work) and subject to all the compliance and sign-offs that comes with it. Here is a reasonably non-technical discussion of the issues

and the conclusion seems to be that as long as you keep to pre-assembled insulated plugs and boards you can rely on the manufacturers compliance to standards and you won't need electricians.

Once you start creating your own wiring solution (using 20 amp starter sockets etc) you are in effect wiring it yourself and it will need an electrician to install AND to sign it off.

That is my interpretation but you may want to read it yourself.

As AlexK points out:

"Placing pre-assembled, double-insulated assemblies into furniture designed to accept them isn't PEW.Plugging assemblies in isn't PEW either."

As far we are concerned - we are committed to providing wiring solutions to customers that include pre-assemblies and with inbuilt standard compliance. On the rare occasion that an installation requires a more heavy duty solution (normally when you have many desks - with the related power requirements- daisy chained together) we will point it out to you.


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