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Try a vinyl wrap on your desk ?

About 95% of the Powercore electric height adjustable desks we supply are supplied with white tops or white tops with wood grain edging. We recommend white tops because they wear well and they give a feeling of space to an office.

Sometimes people want something different and whilst we can do anything - it adds about $200 to the cost of a desk because it's normally only one and it has to be cut out of a large sheet.

But the new generation of vinyl wraps give you unlimited opportunities to personalise your desk without too much extra cost. And if you get sick of it you can just rip it off and go back to white ?

The gallery on this post shows some products from Vinyl Home

You could edge your desk with the berry colour or put a birch wood grain on the top. The glossy black would be great on top and edges ?

We haven't tested these products but there is no reason why they shouldn't work and by my calculation you could wrap a desktop and edges for around $80.

Let us know if you try it - we'd love to hear ?


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