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Why Powercore is the best choice for ergonomic office furniture in Wellington ?

Updated: Mar 19

Ergonomic office furniture for Wellington businesses
Ergonomic office furniture in Wellington

We think we are the best option for ergonomic office furniture in the Wellington area. It's easy for us to say it but here is why.

  1. Better pre-sales service We're happy to come out and check out your office space to see what will work for you. Over 50 Wellington based businesses have trusted us and we've seen every type of workspace. We can make suggestions based on this experience so you get it right first time.

  2. Better post-sales service It's so easy to wave around warranties and guarantees but we are Wellington- based and here to be able to deliver on those promises. If something doesn't function as expected we are close at hand and we can fix it. No running around trying to find out who can solve a problem - we are on the spot.

  3. View our products at our Wellington warehouse We are in Petone and we have pretty much all of our products on display. You don't have to buy off our web site - you can drop in and see exactly what we are offering. Make a time to see us here.

  4. Try our desks and chairs before you buy In most instances, you can take it away and try it. Ergonomic furniture is often a new experience and we give you time to see if it's for you. Office chairs, wobble stools and kneeling chairs are easy because they are easy transported. Standing desks require assembly so we ask that you try them in our warehouse. Of course, if you are looking to buy a number of ergonomic stand sit desks we are happy to come and set one up for your staff to give it the once over.

  5. Fast delivery If you are in the Wellington area it is super quick for us to get your standing desk or ergonomic chair to you. In many instances we deliver it personally. We pride ourselves on being able to do next day delivery within the Wellington area because we only sell what we actually have in stock.

  6. We are a direct importer There aren't that many Wellington based ergonomic office furniture suppliers who import direct and sell direct. This means only one margin and better deals for you.

  7. We have lots of Wellington-based customers We have a wide range of blue chip Wellington based customers. They range from the big corporates like NZ Police or Greater Wellington District council through the hi-tech sector like Silverstripe or Optimal Workshops all the way down to the small business driving the Wellington economy. This includes individual contractors working from home.

  8. If you are buying from us for over $500 and you are willing to come to our Wellington (Petone) warehouse to collect - we give you a $50 discount. Just use the code "CLICKCOLLECT" at check out and it'll be deducted from the cost. Then go here to book a time for collection.

If you are Wellington based and you are looking for ergonomic office furniture - regardless of whether you are large or small - we are best placed to find a solution for you.


What products can we trial if we are Wellington based ?

Office chairs are really easy to trial and the trial can take different forms. You can come to our warehouse and try them (book a time here). You can also try them in your workplace for 7-10 days (fill out this contact form). Ergonomic chairs sometimes take a bit of time to get accustomed to so we recommend trialing if you are Wellington based. We also offer trials nationwide with the only proviso being that you agree to pay to return the chair in the event you don't want it ?

Desks are, of course, more difficult due to the fact that they need to be assembled. So if there are features of the desk that you want to test. This could be - stability at height, smoothness of operation, desktop finish. These are best checked out in our Petone warehouse. However if you want to see if staff use the desk we recommend that we install a POD of perhaps 2-3 desks people can hot desk at. We are happy to do this as long as there is the possibility of the sale of a reasonable number of desks.

What does pre-sales service really mean ?

Sometimes you don't know what you need because you don't know the different options available. If we get even a little bit of information from you - we can put together a way better solution.

This won't take heaps of time. We can come and have a 15 minute meeting with you (or phone call) and find out a lot that will help you get to where you want to.

What is different about your warranty and why does it help Wellington based customers in particular ?

All Powercore products are chosen for their modular design. What we mean by this is - if something goes wrong - we can easily isolate the part and replace it. Virtually every desk problem is solved by a reset ( this clears the software and is then equivalent of a reboot). In the rare event that a part has failed: there are only three replacement items on a desk and they can all be replaced within 5 minutes.

Chairs are the same. We keep every part of every item we have sold and we can replace parts (and fit them) virtually immediately.

How do we get a list of your Wellington based customers ?


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