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Xero welcome pack

There are a whole lot of things that remote working makes harder. Like when you get a new staff member and you need to show them the ropes, get them settled or actually just show them you have happy to have them on-board ?

We do a whole lot of remote desks. We package them up and send them off to new remote staff and we have to be extra careful it's a seamless easy process for the person to get up and get started.

We do remote desks for Xero and we notice that they supply their new staff members with little welcome packs (see image). It makes them feel welcome AND gives them a whole lot of info they can't get around the virtual water cooler.

So we started helping these companies by adding little items to their welcome packs. Like massage balls or swiss balls ? Just little things to help create a productive workday.

They are variations on our active packs . If you think it might be a cool thing for your work - get in contact with me. We're flexible and it DOESN'T have to cost a fortune :-)


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