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2 days a week is perfect !!

It's official - 2 days a week working from home is the best.

Too much more and the whole thing just starts to fall apart. I reckon this Atlantic Monthly article has pretty much got it right. You can read it for yourself but it's worth highlighting a couple of the stand out points.

By letting people choose their own office adventures, employees can gain back some of what’s sorely missing in American work culture: self-determination

Isn't this the crux of the matter ? Giving staff the feeling of some sort of self determination is key (and America ain't that different to Aotearoa in my book). They've even got a word for the new norm - "hybrid working" - the combination between home and office work.

I mean deep down we know that heaps of workers will just get shoved back into their cubicles regardless of anything the Atlantic may choose to opine on the matter but in a situation like in NZ where borders are now closed to the skills we need - the chase for skilled workers will get hotter. Maybe the lucky "sort after" are in a position to demand what their hybrid working is going to look like ?


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