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Standing desk top space - Using it better

Updated: Mar 22

We all know that standing desk tops are getting smaller. The cost of office space goes up and use of laptops for hybrid working and less paper mean that you simply don't need the massive desk tops of the past.

So with smaller desk tops - how do we organise the desk top so that it is used as efficiently as possible. We've got some tips for both home offices and corporate settings.

Watch our video now.

We've got a whole lot of tips on how to maximise your desktop space so let's dive right in ?

  1. Use monitor arms So I did a little measure of my 1400 x 700 mm desktop with a screen that was fitted with it's own factory supplied screen and compared it with a screen mounted on a monitor arm ( see the video for details). The results amazed me: Basically you save around 20% of your desktop space by using a monitor arm. Yes a factory supplied stand will take up 20% of the desktop of a 1400 mm x 700 mm desk. Let's think about an office with 60 desks - that is a total desktop space of 60 m2 desk top space. It means 15 m2 of available workspace is taken up by stands.

  2. Partitions There are partitions available with pencil bins and document trays that hang off them above the desktop. They are a great way to de-clutter your desk.

  3. Drawers In the old days we had mobile cabinets under the desk ? They served their purpose but in general we just filled them with junk. Now we have touchscreen desks with an in-built drawers that allows you to simply sweep all the debris off your desk at the close of the day.

  4. Wall mounted screen arms Try mounting a monitor arm on the wall. You can either use a monitor arm or just use a laptop stand. Have a look at the video above to see how they look.

When people think of office space they normally think of floor space ? But we generally work at desks and we organise our work on that desktop. Why wouldn't we provide the maximum amount of desktop space to allow our staff to do their jobs efficiently and in comfort ?

The same applies to a home office where space is even more at a premium. A little bit of time spent planning your workspace (office or home) will reap benefits down the line.


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