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Future of Work 2022

We update you on the future of work via the Economist and their on-going survey research that hopefully reveals workplace trends. Basically we subscribe so you don't have to. Then we give you busy people a summary. So here we go....

The economist concludes that in 2022:

  • Out of thousands of Americans surveyed over the past 2 years the consensus seems to be that they want to work 50% of the time from home.

  • Their employers are less keen. BUT they accept that 1 in 5 days at home will become the new norm.

  • There will only be a very small number of businesses that will become "remote only".

  • The cities will not empty out and there will not be a wholesale of full-timers for freelancers but employment law will change the world over.

  • A growing percentage of employers are seeing the need to kit their staff out with remote working tools that include desks and chairs. This is good news for me :-)

  • Meanwhile city offices are being downsized and are being refitted to accommodate "hot desking" and to allow for personal storage such as locker systems.

  • One really interesting trend is that multiple surveys have shown marked increases in "worker engagement" during the pandemic.

The Economist updates their data on an on-going basis and you can be sure that we'll update you as and when we have the info.;-)


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