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Who gets a home office ?

Updated: May 11, 2021

Well I can tell you who doesn't get a decent home office from their employer ...

Anyone who doesn't work for a software company. We have been doing HEAPS of home offices for people from all sorts of different walks of life but the message we are getting from most of them is that they are on there own. They have to find their desks/chairs/tools and they have to buy it themselves. Otherwise they will find themselves perched on the edge of the kitchen table for the entire length of their work from home.

There is one exception ....and that is software companies. They all are receptive to subsidising or paying for their staff's desk/chair/whatever so they can work productively from home.

If they don't pay they do whatever they can to facilitate it for their staff.

Why is it that software employers are SO different from others ? Is it because they face a shortage of staff so they HAVE to look after them ? Is it because they genuinely have a different culture that they work on maintaining ? Or is it because they tend to be run by younger, shall we say more "forward looking" people ? Hey maybe it's just because they can afford it - they're making money ???

To be honest, it's not just how they are coping with the whole Covid thing - software companies are just different. We're REAL lucky to have so many in the Wellington area and Powercore is REAL lucky to have many of them as clients.

Give me a call on 0272916351 or go here to see different ways we run this for our software clients.


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