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Why get a standing desk + ergonomic chair combo ?

Save money on desk chair combos
Save money on desk chair combos

Here's 4 great reasons:

  1. They are already discounted. It's simple - the more you buy the better the pricing. When you are buying a combo of desks + chairs you get at least 20% off to start with.

  2. You get chairs that match the desks and desks that match the chairs. I'm not talking about colour schemes here - I'm talking about sizes and I'm talking about solving your work/movement problem. The chairs fit the desks both when they are in use and when they are not in use and being stored.

  3. Every combo that we sell in the Wellington area gets an extra $50 off if you collect it from Petone ( more savings !!!). Just enter "CLICKCOLLECT" at check out.

  4. Lastly, we email you a 50% off voucher on any little extras you may want valid for a month after you have bought your combo. It means you can get your workspace finished properly and take advantage of great pricing to do it.

We've got 4 great combos at all time but they change monthly as stock levels fluctuate. Have a look now.


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